Design and project managements of special components

Design and optimization of special structural and architectural components, based on an over 20 years’ experience in composite material.

– CNC lead racing keels
– CNC rudders and rudderstock
– Lifting keels
– Canting keels

Composites structural engineering

Structure lay out and scantling of hull and deck based on the technology and material process defined in accordance with client and builders requests – ISO or ABS standards. Complete engineering of every single component to find out the more efficient and optimized structure.

VPP and CFD hydrodynamic analysis

Velocity prediction analysis based on the last upgraded program and deep computational fluid dynamic analysis using Panel code and Ranse code to evaluate all the components of the global resistance.

Rating optimization

Identification of the best configuration for sail plan, weight distribution and appendages to optimize the boat performance compared with a specified rating handicap (i.e. ORC-IRC).

Project managements of Custom Yachts

We are specialized to create a link between design and construction to keep all the yacht growth under control, in the respect of the timing, of the cost and of the building specifications.

Production optimization process

Support to builders and contractors in the optimization of a specified construction process.

3D complete modeling

Using the more efficient and modern software, complete and detailed 3D modeling of complex assemble with also the possibility to create files for CNC machine for molds, appendages and single detail.

Photorealistic internal and external renderings and movies

Specific modeling to create internal views complete with lights, details and materials of all the ambient, and external views with specified landscape, both with the possibility to have the real perception of the project.