Launched JUNDA KII

In the beautiful setting of Monte Carlo, guests of the Yacht Club, the new one-design JUNDA K II was successfully launched.
A small two-crew keel boat, conceived by Ludovico Fassitelli and designed by Felci Yacht Design.
The philosophy of the class is that of a very strict monotype and the design has paid extreme attention to all aspects to make this possible.
No extreme choices, a boat with a well-balanced canoe body in the volumes, with great form stability. Optimisation of manoeuvres, important study of ergonomics, careful choice of all elements from rigging, to halyards and sheets, to sails.
Finally, a word about construction technology: Junda KII is made with very advanced technologies: sandwich of pre-preg glass fibers for the hull and deck, pre-preg carbon for the deckhouse, mainsail bow and rudder.