YACHTING NEWS 2022: Discovering the parameters of style and beauty with UMBERTO FELCI

Well, that’s a beautiful boat!
How many times, while sailing or simply strolling along the quayside, do we look for those parameters that our brain then inevitably catalogues as belonging to the domain of beauty or ugliness? For a yachtsman, looking at boats is much more than a pastime, it is a real compulsive habit.
Much more difficult, however, is to understand why a boat is perceived as beautiful. In the realm of design everything seems to be good until the supreme judge, the market, sets the numbers to determine whether a boat is truly beautiful or not.
But if there is one designer who, over the years and in many different categories, has unequivocally distinguished himself for his ability to design beautiful boats (which are always very fast), it is Umberto Felci.
So who better than him to try to discuss such an important subject?

Interview with Umberto Felci