ORC Brazilian Championship 2020

Spectacular result for Felci Yachts at the ORC 2020 Brazilian Championship, held in Rio de Janeiro from 23 October to 2 November. Two of our boats took the podium!
First place went to Ventaniero 3, the Dufour 500 of the owner Renato Cunha, second palce went to the one design boat, fast and light, designed by Felci Yachts and built in Brazil, the Felci 315 +Bravissimo, helmed by Luciano Sechin.
A moment of glory for Ventaniero 3 which, the week before the ORC Championship, had also won the 70th edition of the Santos-Rio 2020 Regatta.
Ventaniero 3 is also the Dufour 500 which last year won 3rd place in its category and 8th overall in the 350 mile race in the middle of the Atlantic Recife- Fernando de Norunha.
Congratulations to the crews!