ICE33 Black Arrow winner in ORC Category of the 70th Centomiglia on Garda Lake

Also this year to close the summer on Garda Lake was the legendary Centomiglia in its 70th edition.
First overall ORC Category Black Arrow, the Ice 33 helmed by Walter Caldonazzi. The boat designed by us, has shown great speed at all conditions with wind of 15/20 knots.
Also excellent was the result of another boat designed by Felci yachts, the Proteus 90 Graffio Vitasol which, after a victorious Gorla Trophy, finished second in the ORC R category.
Eighth overall behind the multihulls and first overall of the monohulls was Clan des Team, the “Libera” project 2001, helmed in this occasion by Luca Dubbini.
Congratulations to all the crews for their excellent results!